Raw footage probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Unless you’ve ever worked with video, you probably imagine that raw footage looks pretty much like our finished videos, just without music, and a lot more of it.  A pretty look of things that happen as you go through the day, just click play and relive the entire day, moment by moment.
*That’s a documentary edit, and we do offer that for your ceremony & speeches.

Sadly, this isn’t the case.  First, video footage doesn’t come all neatly spliced together like that.  It’s just a great big list of files.  Until you pull them into an editing program, it’s really hard to even watch them.  Once you do pull them into an editing program, they aren’t necessarily in order.  Camera 1 will be in order, and Camera 2 will be in order, but not the whole set. Multiply that by the many different cameras we use throughout the day.

Our video footage also doesn’t look so pretty right out of the camera.  Each camera is full of different settings, and there are bonuses to each one.  The standard ones give you a picture that looks pretty nice coming out of the camera, but don’t always allow you to do as much in editing.  If the sun is SUPER bright that day, you might lose some of the picture.  If there are reflected colors (colored uplighting, DJ lights, light reflected off the grass, water or sand) that gives the skin tones a funny color, there’s only so much you can do with it.  There are other picture profiles that make the picture coming out of the camera look a little….flat.  Not so pretty.  But that picture contains a lot more information for us to work with in editing.


It’s kinda like, if you buy a dress off the rack, you can usually find one that fits pretty well.  You can also buy a dress off the rack, take it to a seamstress, have it altered and have it REALLY fit.  Or, you can go talk to a designer, have them design and fit a dress just for you….and you’re going to come out with a dress that was made for you ready to walk down the red carpet.

We like to go for the red carpet look!


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